Damn, s'been a long time

Well, to tell the truth, I got bored with myself, so I certainly understand why you did, too.

The Church goes on.  I've posted some Sermons onto YouTube.  I'll figure out how to get the links into the "Ministry" section at some point.  The Universe has been around for a long time, and as far as I can tell, will continue to be.  So there's no rush.

In the spirit of narcissistic bloggishness, here's the rundown.

I haven't traveled anywhere since June, when I made my way to Truskavets, Ukraine to stay at a resort/spa and take a mineral water cure for three weeks.  As always, Ukraine is fascinating.  Without Russian tourists (inasmuch as the two countries aren't getting along real well at the moment), Truskavets is a dying town. Most of the resorts are closed, and the one we stayed at was limping.  "We"?  I took my  Ukrainian "daughter"'s mother as my guest.  We had a nice enough time together.  The food at the resort was short of spectacular - large buffets in a big dining room.  Towards the end we escaped to a really fine little restaurant a block or so away.  We should have found it sooner.

The project of finishing my basement is underway.  When complete, it will be a 900-square-foot guest apartment, mostly decorated in white, with a big bedroom/office, living area, kitchen and full bathroom.  It's coming together far faster than I had thought that it would.  Drywall got hung on November 1.  I expected that to happen about February.  Making all the little decisions, like what toilet to but, kitchen appliances and arrangement, cabinets, and so forth, is fun.  Keeps me off the streets.

Merry Christmas to me!  After borrowing a GPS to find a small cafe in Boston, I decided that it was a toy I had to have in my life.  It has so arrived, thanks to Amazon.  We live in an electronic world.  There were no instructions other than to log on to Garmin.com.  Sigh.

Merry Christmas to me!  Life is too short not to have copper pots and pans.  So obtained from Wayfair.com: a ten-piece hammered-copper set that is beyond gorgeous.  My cooking needs to be worthy of the pans.  Inspiration.

Mo' later.