The title is Russian for "cold," because I awoke to 9 degrees outside.  Toasty warm inside, because when I had gotten up for a minute at 4:15, I checked the inside temperature and turned on the propane stove, which by 6:30 had brought the house back to its normal temperature of 66.

My darkroom works!  I have a thermometer on the spout of the faucet, and have carefully set the temperature valve so that when the water comes up to temperature, it remains a steady 70.  I've tried it several times now, and it always comes to, and holds at 70.  Perfect for chemical madness.

At this moment the sun is rising behind me, turning the trees across the water to gold.  Dark sky above, dark water below.  It will last only a few moments, but special ones.

I'm going through the 10,000+ photographs on my computer and selecting those to go on this site.  I'm in Oregon now on my big trip, and the nostalgia is palpable.  Mostly I remember being in the moment so often, which is necessary for good photography, in my opinion, and so joyful.  It can be done while driving (I'm still alive and unscathed), and when consciously sought.  I miss it, and am trying to regain it now that I'm behind qa desk more often that behind a camera.  I found Mindfulness, which I later learned to call it, just as it was getting really trendy.  I don't care about the trendy part, I only want to experience it more frequently.  Like all the time.  I understand that all-the-timeness requires a level of discipline that I sadly lack.  Can I develop it?  An article I have bookmarked talks of getting only 2% better each day at whatever you are trying to do.  I can do that.

I'll work on Russian today, and develop my first rolls of film in the darkroom rather than in the sink.  That's exciting.  I'll upload the Bucket Trip Gallery here, and continue exporting pictures out of LightRoom.  A busy day, as long as I stay on task and not stray to random walks through the Internet Ether.

Feb. 10, 2016