It's late morning.  Usually, I have written these Dispatches before 8 am.  I fell off the cliff this morning and didn't do it.  I want to cement the habit of doing it first thing in the morning.  When I do it then, I have been more active and "productive" for the rest of the day.  It's part of my plan to live more fully, and "waste" less time.  So far, the incremental improvement has not happened this morning.

But now I feel more on-track.  I want to study Russian today.  I have much to review and learn.  I have darkroom stuff I can do, both getting things installed and developing film.  I should mix print developer, too, and thereby be ready to proof and print.

I have disaster burnout.  I'm numb listening to reports about Syria, migrants, NPR fundraising, and Donald Trump.  I'm ready to live in silence for a while.  Not a bad idea.

It started out chilly, but has warmed up on a mostly sunny dy.  The water is pretty as the tide comes in - small ripples in a light breeze.

Off to do some work in the darkroom, attaching my print washer.

Feb.11, 2016