So much for habits

After writing on Thursday about cementing daily habits, I missed writing an entry the day after.  This is the pattern.

But I'm back in the saddle on early Saturday morning, waiting to leave for Freeport about 7:30 on an adventure.  The cold weather has had me hunkering in the bunker for the last few days, going hardly anywhere.  So, restless, I'm off this morning.  

I hope to muster the gumption to go to Lowe's, where I'll spend a gift card on fittings for the darkroom.  They have the hose adapters I need that the local True Value doesn't have.  This ought to be easy.

Last night, just before bed, I made my easy fudge - this time with Guittard Bittersweet chips, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla.  Melt the chips and milk together - 3 minutes in the MW at half power.  Stir with a spatula and add the vanilla, and then spread in a wax-paper-lined pan.  Mine is 6x9.  Chill.  Cut.  Try not to eat all at once.  I cut mine into really little pieces - 1/2 x 1/2 - and I'm trying to limit myself to one piece at a time, and those times spread out.

My lust for chocolate is satisfied.  I'm not sure about the bittersweet chocolate.  It may be a little too stark for fudge.  In general I like less-sweet chocolate, but this may be a little too far for fudge.  It feels like it's fighting the sweetness of the condensed milk rather than complementing it.  I'll give it away, which I should anyway.

Watching it get light, it's a silver morning.  Snow showers in the forecast, but the clouds look too light right now.  The water is skimmed by the breeze and without real pattern.  Ice flows yesterday were lovely.  The cold has brought back the ice and I should get out with a camera and take advantage of it.  I want to do some Holga portraits, too, and crank up the 4x5 for some portraits.  Maybe go to Bath and set up near Cafe Creme and pick on passers-by.  Gotta get ready for this summer, when I'll be An Attraction at Art Walk.

But first, the darkroom has to be up and running, print developer mixed and decanted into single-serve bottles.  I'll mix both my special Dektol and my Fine Art VersaPrint.  

I also have a light leak to plug in the ceiling.  I can do that with scrap wood up in the Zen Loft, which, eventually, I will trim with baseboards.  The baseboards will do it, and actually I shoulkd work up the gumption to sand them in the basement, cut them to size, and install them.  A good winter project.  The basement is staying pretty warm, even when it's subzero windchill outside, so it's pleasant to work down there.  I have the stock, and with 30 minutes of sanding I could have it ready to install.  I should coat it, first, since Daniel my trim guy insisted on coating baseboards on the backs, too.  He would know.  Coating the backs would add, oh, 5 minutes to the whole process of preparing them.

So, if gumption remains, it will be a busy day.