It got really cold last night.  It was -8 when I got out of bed about 6:30.  At that temperature, my heat pump just gives up and shuts off.  It doesn't work at that temperature, and has the good sense not to run up my electric bill for nothing.  

My propane stove, I have decided, is undersized.  I had a choi9ce between two, and thought the smaller would be sufficient.  In the strictest sense, it isn't.  I got up around midnight, and the temperatrure had fallen from 66 to 58, despite the cheery flame of the stove.  Not good, I thought, but there is nothing to be done.  This morning, it was 55 inside, decidedly chilly.  But you know?  With the addition of a heavy denim shirt over my usual sweatshirt and vest, I felt fine.  Off to breakfast at Wendy's, and when I returned late morning, the outside temperature had risen to +6, the heat pump had resurrected and was blowing warm, if not hot air.  The temperature had yet to rise above 55, but the sun through the big windows soon had it increasing.  2 hours later we're up to 60, and all is fine.  

The weather is this cold only for today, going into the 20s tomorrow and 50 on Tuesday.  In the 20s the heat pump has no trouble maintianing 66, and I'll shut the stove down.  That will likely be tomorrow lesson.  We're forecast to go to minus 3 tonight.

In my continuing effort to fight slugdom, I now set a timer for 25 minutes.  At the end of it, I walk laps around my house for 10 minutes.  Gets the blood going, gets me out of the chair, gets me some exercise.  As in all things, my self-discipline will be sorely tested.  Here's hoping that I can make a new habit.

A half-pint of fixer is resting in a bucket of warm water, trying to bring it up to usable temperature.  Two rolls of 120 film are loaded into developing tanks, ready to be processed in my newly-completed darkroom.  All print wahsers are installed with new tubing connecting them to water, and draining them into the drain.  I'll cut the 1" hose to a better length while I develop.  I purposely bought more than I needed, just to make sure.  It feels good to have a darkroom again.

Time for a piece of fudge, setting the timer, and strolling around the house for a few minutes.