Back to it

It's been too long since I wrote here.  Partly, I'm bored with what I put here, and figure that you must be, too.

The highlight of my recent life continues to be my subscription to streaming soccer (football, please!!!) matches.  They make good background noise for when I'm doing other things, and demonstrates why God invented Instant Replay.

It feels like Spring.  Temperatures are up, and there's that certain fresh quality of light in the sunshine.  The rain battered the roof the other night.  Asparagus is $2/pound - that's the sure sign of Spring.  We judge Spring not by what we see, feel, or smell, but according to the price of certain vegetables.  Arty-Chokes in April and May, I hope.  The sun is setting more to the west with each day.  Five Tom Turkeys tried to seduce the hens last night as the boys put on a full tailfeather display.  Last year's young hens have left to fend for themselves, leaving the seven older ones, who will hang out together all summer, except for one or two who will hatch broods.  Maybe this year I'll tell the girls apart and give them names.

I've scheduled my summer art show at the Chocolate Church.  Judy Grace, of Bath, who does really wonderful, colorful abstract paintings will get most of the wall space.  My quiet, horizontal-striped beach, water, and cloud pictures will be the emotional counterpoint on the short wall of the Galley.  Her work, as far as I know, is very different from what we usually have in the gallery.  That's good.  My contrast will also be an element...beyond?...what I have typically seen.  Conzeptyooal Ahrt.  We'll meet face-to-face tomorrow morning to get acquainted.

A cheap pork roast is in the crock pot.  When it's slowly cooked, I'll shred it for pulled pork.  This is the first time using the new crock pot.  When I have made pulled pork before, I've done it in a low oven.  I wonder how this will be different.  More tender?  I will report back.

Lunch.  More food.  Just what I need.