omigosh, I made it to Day 2

Early Saturday morning.  Coffee's made and in the covered travel mug I use to drink it, since I sip slowly and the mug keeps it cols.  Keeps me from spilling, too, which is the constant worry of a clumsy person.

It's just getting light - 6:15.  The radio has some woman and some guy ranting to a Canadian about how we are committing an immoral act by watching professional football because of the concussions.  She also said we should not watch soccer because of all the concussions.  Not watch FC Barcelona?  Not watch their frontline of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez?  Forget it!

Saturday will be cleanup day, to rid my house of its piles of mostly paper clutter.  It's more an organizational issue than a dumping issue.  I've already done the dump part.  Some of the papers will go to the basement for long-term storage after I shovel out the way to get there after 8" of snow yesterday.  I'll practice Russian, learning proverbs and tongue-twisters, reviewing recent verbs and their conjugations, listening to Russian off YouTube or, the Russian Facebook.  It has buckets of US movies dubbed into Russian.  If I pick one I know, I can sorta follow what they're saying.  Jason Bourne in Russian.  Bladerunner.  Firefly.  It's fun.

I'll write my Ukrainian family, too.  My "adopted" daughter wants me to go take specific pictures of product displays at Costco, but she hasn't had time to tell me which ones.  Busy girl, poor bunny.  I'll write Mom, too (does that make her my "adopted wife"?) because she's in a state about how hard daughter works.  I will try to be a calming influence.  Not much success being so in the past, but I'll try.

My right hip hurts.  Don't like that at all.  I replaced the left one in 2012, and don't want to repeat that.

It's getting light, and the snow on the trees across the water is pretty.  Time to just sit and appreciate it.

Feb. 6, 2015