day 3. the boy's on fire

Well, I'm not totally optimistic.  In many things, my gumption leaks out all over the floor about day 3 or so.  The past is littered with all the things I have started, and abandoned.  Some say that' good, becaue I'm leaving behind all of those things that don't matter.

If they don't matter, why did I spend so much time thinking about them, figuring out how to do them, organizing them, and starting them?

For the things that I have kept up, why?  Photography.  Music. Molly Miata.  Cooking. Having adventures.  Making things, including and up to fine furniture.  Writing, albeit sporadically on that one.  Does the trickle of gumption come from inside, or outside?  Outside is hard for me to figger, since especially now in my cumudgeonly years, I really don't care what the world thinks.

I'll have to mull that one.  Day 3 was useful in posing the question.  Value!  For the author, at least.

Feb. 7, 2015