Still World Famous

Well, days have come and gone, and I haven't noticed a real difference in my standing in the Universe.  I suspect fame takes time unless you're a cute kitty-cat in a YouTube video or a pre-pubescent girl demonstrating how to do her nails.  I am, thankfully, neither.

We have a new laptop, mostly up-and-running.  I just pretty much figured out that I have to get a new license of LightRoom for my photographs.  The disc I have is, apparently, an upgrade, and its installation requires me to have the serial number of the original installation.  Which I don't have.  It's only more money.  Otherwise, the new Lappy is great - it's a little bigger than the old laptop, but faster and with a hugely improved screen.  I had (have) been tempted to get a really big (24") monitor for watching futbal matches and editing pictures, but for the time being I won't.

Molly is out!  I uncovered her and put in her battery.  She started right up and off we went.  It's nice to have her back again.  She's going to get new tires.  Town Fair Tire is trying to find me some Michelins, but apparently they're back-ordered.  I'm patient.  Marga Chevy Van gets its winter tires off Monday, to be replaced by two new ones on the rear, complementing the new ones put on the front last Autumn.  From the weather forecast, I'll be driving through a heavy snowstorm to take off my winter tires.  Figures.