Even still world famous

Well, even more time has come and gone, and I have yet to recognize that I am World Famous.  I guess I need to do something about it.

I mean, Maria Sharapova is in Mexico with Chelsea Handler, having arrived, apparently, by private jet.  Well, that jet could have arrived in Brunswick.  I would have even gone to get her in my Chevy Van.  Poor girl needs consolation, and I'm just the man for the job.

Spring is here, sorta.  The weather can't really seem to make up its mind, running hot and cold.  Well, warm-ish and colder.

Looks like I'm gearing up to take on finishing the basement.  Motives for that are very, very murky.  On the one hand, it would be nice to have the space finished as guest quarters.  That's the overall design currently rumbling around in my head.  It will be a nice space, if I do what I think I will.  I want to talk to Scott Connors, ace builder-thinker guy about certain details.  I probably need to draw up plans for wall, electrical, the bathroom, etc. to get them out of my head and more easily communicated to the likes of Scott.

It would be wonderful if I could get Maryna and Yaroslav here.  They could live in the basement while they get their feet under them.  My heart wants that, but my head keeps intruding with all of the problems with the idea.  English skills, job prospects and job hunting, cultural adjustment, that I would financially support them while they transitioned, which would kill Yaroslav, or at least he would resent being reliant on me to pay his family's bills, and I understand and respect that.  Many, many significant problems that give the whole idea high risk.  Were I them, I might not take it.  That said, to even offer it would pretty much require me to marry Maryna's mom.  Once again, a prospect fraught with problems.

Sister Karen had the insight of the year in a phone conversation last week.  I was bemoaning how much I like to give and take care of people, but at the same time have trouble accepting care from anyone.  "Is it because you don't think you're worthy?"  Bingo, I replied.  "Well, you are, and I suggest telling yourself that you are regularly, so that it sinks in."  OK, that's worth a try.

You normal people really don't understand how hard it is for some of us.