The Family

I have a family of Bald Eagles that live nearby.  There is a nesting pair, and this year they have two younglings.

They fly by, in some combination, pretty much every day.  It will never get routine to see one.  They are so magnificent.

A few weeks ago, the whole Fam Damily came and perched in my trees down my the water.  They hung out for a long time.  A parent and youngling would take off and fly down over the water, maybe 6 feet apart, circle, and come back to the trees.

Once, the whole family took off and flew together, 6 feet apart, over the water. 4 eagles.  It was so beautiful I wept.  I am so lucky.

My other family is a group of turkey hens that fly up into my trees by the water to roost every night.  At roughly dusk, they fly up one-at-a-time, and find a good perch.  In the mornings, just after dawn, they fly down.

Well, a couple weeks ago the two eagle younglings flew by early in the morning.  They saw the turkeys in the trees, and being young and foolish, like I wish I was, they screeched to a halt in mid-air, wheeled, and landed in branches near to a couple turkeys.

I thought I needed Air Traffic Control, because immediately the air was full of flying turkeys getting out of the trees.  They landed and proceeded to scurry around the ground in an unorganized fashion, clucking like turkey hens do.  The were upset wimmin, to be sure.  That kept up for a while, and they calmed down.  When they did, the to eagles took off and circled the water, which got the turkeys all cranked up again.  The eagles perched, and after a few minutes, the turkeys quieted.  Then the eagles did it again - misspent youth - and the turkeys went off again.  Finally, the eaglets got bored and headed back home.  It had been fun while it lasted.

I have found turkey tracks in the snow a foot from my steps.  I see them in the neighborhood all the time.  Soembody asked me if I was going to kill and eat one.  I repleied tht they practically have names, and you don't eat family.

This is a wonderful place.