"Luke, Don't give in to hate. Hate leads to the Dark Side."

I guess I just didn't understand before.  I didn't realize that our country was in ruins.  I didn't know that there was "American carnage."  I had not seen all of the Patriot Red blood on the streets.  I did not feel pitted in a struggle to the death with those who disagreed with my loathing of most fruit.

Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, set me straight with his remarkably dark Inauguration Address, citing one dire condition after another.  The country, in his view, is clearly falling apart and hanging by the thinnest thread.

No it isn't.  I refuse to give in to the Dark Side.  Are there things we need to improve?  Things we need to fix?  Yes, of course.  But wouldn't we rather take the part of the American Myth where we roll up our sleeves and link arms to go get to work on them?  FDR said that the only thing we need to fear is fear itself, and we are told to be fearful.  We are told to withdraw into ourselves and our little closed communities.  Fearful people are not motivated.  Fearful people do not take measured, sensible risks.  Fearful people rarely act rationally.

We're going to make America great again, but I have never heard, specifically, where we have fallen from Grace.  OK, maybe we'd better describe what we mean by greatness.  When America was great, what did that look like?  Specifically?  What are we aiming for?  And then, tell me what parts have fallen, and how they fell, and where they are now.  Then tell me, specifically, what we will do to restore each part.  So far, we have not heard a calm, rational, detailed discussion that answers these questions.  Our media fail to get answers, or, in my experience, even ask these questions.  These are the first-principle questions.  They supply our roadmap.  It's not good enough to just say "we're going to bring back jobs."  Which jobs?  From where?  At what rate of pay?  How do we factor in automation, that eliminated jobs, rather than move them?

And I, for the life of me, cannot understand why any woman would have voted for President Trump.  He's already waging a war on women worldwide.  I heard women before the election extolling his virtues.  I will note, in passing, that they were all post-menopausal.  I didn't see a lot of Millennial females.

So, I will sit looking out over the water on this gray, dingy, rainy day, and despair that America is in ruins.  I will look for the American carnage.  I just have yet to see any.

Hogwash.  I will not give in to hate and fear.  I will not turn to the Dark Side.  Don't you do it, either.